Yas I sit  in the silence of this morning, I remember how it has changed me, i use to feel as a prisoner locked in pain and motion less body


It took time  and  patients but i have changed , I have alot of love , I been round the world for a cure, i  learn to cherish my days and have gratitude  for having wonderful friends


Sometimes it's hard to put on my happy face , like it is today   it's days that I remembered what I have lost , forgotten in another life,  


Today I will walk and let my tears out but i will be back tomarrow   back as me, I will always be me inside out , no matter who thinks what of me




My Name is Rozita Tavakoli.



To all my wonderful friends and family , with all my heart I deeply appreciate  to have in my life. It's a previlge  and I am grateful for all ur love and support.  When feel low I know where to go.


My pain


You may look at me and

See my pain , yet u Look away,

I was not born this way 


I know your oncern is for my wellbeing 

yet u cannot bring ur  eyes to see the

tears, That's pouring from  my soul

U walk away and close  


U cannot bear to see my tearful soul, 

cause  it's  been through too many 

thorns, U cannot  heal my pain,  there 

is no cure for it.

Me, myself and. I


me, myself and I, my pains, my efforts

they are the same yet different, i was t

old to love love myself unconditionally,


with all the beautiful things , the flowers and

trees,i was born to love , spreading the seeds,

rising in the sunshine , my rose is roze


i am struggling to be my self, need time to heal,i have been program to heal, am worthy of been given

another chance to be me, myself and I

Before I forget  I wanted to thank all my friends that I have meet in this life time .Since I have wonderful friends in my life, I   feel ok . Don't need to share anything if dont feel well. Parkinson Disease does not kill u ( I hope not) but it takes away ur dignity. When it shows its ugly face. I am trying my best to cope. While mom and a wife. I failed in bring a good friend. that's ok cause am ever so grateful to the friends who stood by my side and have not judge me. I suffer from depression as well, although am coping well. 


I am trying to show my children not judge anyone by face value. To have time for everyone.   It was a long journey and longer one still to o


Dance before the music is over

Live before your life is gone

Only fail when u stop trying,

Fight to laugh til the very end


Awakakening my spiritual Sense

Is something I chooses to 

Do in spare moment  of  my life 

With love from universe , Heaven

And Earth and my Guardine Angels


Dance till the whole world dances

And laugh with u. I cherish every

 Beautiful second , every precious 

Might I have, as life  is not   A 100%

Grantee , It might may not given me 

another life when tomarrow comes


I am trying to show my children not judge anyone by face value. To have time for everyone.   It was a long journey and longer one still to o

Love the stillness of the night


Love the stillness of the night

The tip toes of angles hopping around,

I know where everyone belongs


Love the night cause my  beautiful friend

 stops by most  night , if not every night , 

the air is so crispy and fresh, the sky  

shines with love and laughter 


Love the stillness of night cause my friend knows

 All My secrets , hope and my dreams SHe always 

stops by my window when SHe know I need one 

someone to hug me She lets me Talks and 

She lovingly listens to my  words that Is 

pouring out from deep in  my heart


Love the nIght cause it's Gives my peace, 

most of all It makes me smile , it time to says 

Goodbye go to my friend  before she has to

Move on and she twinkles on, vanishes

Till tomarrow night, I close my window and 

wave her till she has gone

Having Parkinson disease is the most disgusting, degrading disease in this world. When it attacks u it hard to hide  the fact  there is nothing you can do to hide what's going on . It's make u  feel like shit.

Always wonder if there is a door to heaven


Always wondered if that's the  door to Heaven


Every time I close my eyes, 

feel as I am waiting for a noise

in the Mist of the silent night. 

feel my soul shaking

Trying to wake up 


To welcome the bright sun on 

its way up , Through  the mist of the  beautiful white  clouds


Saw a beautiful bright light peeping   

gently through the between  the clouds,   

so warm , shinning  and bright. 

Always  wondered  is that the door to  

heaven , a place our souls call hom


I will 










Micheal .J. Fox . He is my hero . My dream is to meet him in person to thank him for giving me the courage to fight Parkinson disease. None of us asked to suffer from this disease. But some of us got it.


The child within me

The child within me

Let me meditate and be still,

let Me go deep in my heart , to

Calm my mind, i need to go

back To that child within me  ,

who is stillHidden in thick mist

of the forest to Bring peace to

my  life and  harmany

to my heart, to Set  her free


Life has no remote  to press stop,

it just rolls on and on,, I have been allowed To scream, I been  allowed

to cry,  I need to have the strength

from within to fight ths inner pain 

and set that Child free 


Before I have the courage to show the world the real me,